Being one of the glamorous cities in the world, Dubai has grown to be one of the most favourable tourist destinations. As such, getting access to reliable and affordable accommodation facilities has never been easy, especially on the leafy suburbs. One fact that many Dubai residents and tourists haven’t yet realized is that you can affordably live in this part of the United Arab Emirates by going for the ideal accommodations; apartments for rent in Dubai. This comes handy in saving thousands of dollars that one might have otherwise spent on luxury hotels during long term vacations. Depending on your reason for stay in this part of the world, you can get a suitable apartment that perfectly meets your accommodation needs.

If you are here for a long holiday, it is best to go for the apartments fully equipped with standard facilities. These might include TV, sofa sets, kitchen appliances like coffee maker and even air conditioner. For a more enjoyable holiday experience, the apartments should have reliable connectivity with internet broadband connection. Most probably, it should be a reasonable distance from the town centre if you want to enjoy a quiet environment free from the city hustles. Depending on your budget, you can settle for apartments with swimming pools, sauna and even a car park. Some of the most beautiful low rate apartments are found in areas like the Garhoud Region and the Mirdiff areas so these would be the best places to go for cheap accommodation.


What’s good with apartments for rent in Dubai is that they can always be rented out on weekly basis to suit one’s needs. Others can even be rented out daily at affordable rates. As such, one doesn’t have to be staying for long in order to secure an apartment in Dubai. This gives those people who are on short term holidays all the reasons to settle for these accommodation facilities at the expense of expensive hotel rooms and villas. You can always check this out online without necessarily visiting the individual rental areas.

Going for these accommodation facilities come with lots of advantages. For one, you get to enjoy unwavering freedom that might not have otherwise been evident in luxurious hotels. Since you run your own routine in the apartments, you can choose when to have your meals and other leisure activities without the worries of being inconvenienced. Once in a while, you can go for a night out and come back at any time that is within your convenience. Moreover, young kids and smaller siblings can get to enjoy a free playing atmosphere away from the hotel restrictions. In addition, renting apartments during holidays also come with increased privacy. Most apartments in Dubai are self-contained with the basic amenities and facilities for individual occupants. As such, you wouldn’t be prompted to share certain facilities as often evident in many hotels.

Dubai rental apartments also present families with several members the ideal opportunity to bond and stay together during their vacation. Hotels rooms are often small and a single compartment is never ideal for a whole family. This often compels tourists to book different rooms for every individual; some rooms being far away from the others. With these apartments however, everyone is bound to stay under the same roof. As a result, monitoring of younger members of the family becomes easier. Most importantly, you get to enjoy home-made delicacies while living in apartments as opposed to hotels. You can even carry along your favourite dishes from your native home and have them specially prepared during your stay. As such, you don’t have to put up with unfavourable menus at hotels especially for foreigners.

If you are moving in for longer periods, it might be best to go for the Dubai apartments for sale. It is more like owning a home though with slight differences. What makes this a better option is the opportunity of distancing yourself from periodical rental expenditures that it comes with. All you need is a one-time fee which might not necessarily be high if you land on the best Dubai apartments for sale deals. You can even rent it out later when you have moved out of that area and earn monthly incomes. Care should however be taken when buying apartments in Dubai lest you pay exorbitant prices or worse still, get coned in the process.

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